Why The Service Industry Is FULL OF CRAZIES

Welcome to one of the world’s most stressful jobs: restaurant and bar service. You take your first job in the service industry thinking it’s gonna be fun. And there are some great perks that keep us all there: free drinks, free food, instant cash after every shift, usually great money, good friends, and an all-new appreciation of your surroundings every time you go out for a drink.But here’s the thing: after even a month or two in the industry, you’re gonna realize that this is easily one of the hardest jobs in part-time history.



So why do we stay? BECAUSE WE ARE ALL INSANE. Here’s a few reasons why:

We are addicted to the game. Sometimes we make just enough to get by. And sometimes we make rent in one weekend. (And we take that rent right on over to the bar next door….BECAUSE WE ARE IDIOTS.)


Instead of being treated as a normal human being, we are considered to some customers as mindless cocktail servants. Seriously, some people rarely care that you have a name.


We smile, nod, and do whatever we are asked in the face of some of the meanest people in the world in the hopes that maybe, just maybe, they will allow for us to pay our bills.

And even when you get the big-time tippers, something inside of you feels a little…well…prostitute-y. But, hey, we gotta make a living right?

If you want to know how we feel about tipping in general, I suggest reading this. 

WEEKEND’S DON’T EXIST. Honestly, your weekend starts on Monday. Who wants that?

No matter how hungover you got on Friday night, you’ve got a shift on Saturday. And your first table is going to order 5 shots of the ever-pungent Fireball. Get ready for that good ‘ol nausea.


You are often mistaken for a fast food restaurant, though you are most certainly not. When you and ten other people walk in on a Friday night, don’t expect a 15 minute ticket time. FAST FOOD AIN’T GOOD AND GOOD FOOD AIN’T FAST. Patience is a virtue.

White Tower 46sm

If you make one mistake….just one…you are officially the most ignorant person in the room. How dare you be a human? When other people mess up at work, usually they still get paid. If you use one mistake as an excuse not to tip, you should not be eating out in the first place.


Most people work the fabulous 9-5. We get to work the 5-2 (2 a.m. I mean.) Watching everyone get their drink on is not so fun when you’re the one serving the drinks.


I know what you’re asking….why the hell do we stay in the business. Because we love the game and won’t leave it until we get the jobs we actually want. No desk jobs shall be had here. Make that money until you can do what you really love.


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