Get Sweaty: It’s Good For the Soul

Spring Break is over. We’ve all had our fun in the sun. And I know everyone had their moments they would just rather not share….

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So let’s talk about something else we’d all rather not talk about…….SWEAT.

A couple days ago, I participated in two very different activities that both produced a very unattractive bodily function. Yep, I got real sweaty last Saturday. And suddenly, I’m OK with that. I was never really into that because all I could worry about is how awful I look when my heart rate gets up and going: red faced, sweaty girls are not fun to look at. But, then again, what do sweaty people ACTUALLY look like?

Certainly not like this:

Seriously, no one looks like that at the gym. They just don’t.

Maybe more like this? :

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Yeah, that’s Elton from Clueless.

Maybe somewhere in between. All I know is that after my day of tireless activity, I realized just how fun gettin’ sweaty can be.

Sweaty Saturday Part One: Hot (As Hell) Yoga

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As a result of an enticing GrouponI was convinced by a couple of evil friends from work to sign up for 20 classes of hot yoga at the local Arrichion yoga studio. So….here’s how that went.

They put a bunch of people in a small room and blast heat into it and ask you to contort your body. Sounds like torture, right? Right. About 20 minutes into this session, I was covered in the thickest layer of sweat I have ever personally experienced. It was eye-opening. Like oh-my-god-sweat-is-falling-into-my-eye-and-it-burns eye opening. I kept thinking about how the hell to get out of there. Honestly, who brainwashed me into doing this crap.

But something changed by the end. As I accidentally slipped in SOMEONE ELSE’S SWEAT and pushed my mental limits much farther than they were prepared to go, I realized something. I just challenged myself…..big time. If you’ve ever seen the sweat lodge episode of Arrested Development, you can imagine that’s kinda how I felt on the inside.

So you don’t have to stuff yourself in a room full of sweaty humans to feel good. But….it’s a damn good way to push yourself. Also, if you want to have the BEST SHOWER OF YOUR LIFE….I suggest hot yoga. You will never feel so clean again.

Now, the hard part of my sweaty day was over. It was time for some fun…..and more sweat.

Sweaty Saturday Part Two: Dirty Bourbon River Show at the Local 506

If you’ve never seriously danced your ass off at a crowded music club, you’re missing out. There’s really nothing like it. But you’ve got to remember, that cute outfit you planned on wearing to a show is NOT going to look the same after the show.

But you know what? That’s just fine with me. I had a damn good time at the Dirty Bourbon River Show. You might be thinking the same thing a good friend of mine was thinking, “Brooke, who the hell is that?” I’ll tell you.

They’re a five-piece self-proclaimed New Orleans Gypsy Brass Circus Rock Band. I know that sounds crazy. Because they are crazy. Like crazy good. The energy at one of their shows cannot be stopped. When “Wolfman” comes on, I promise you’re in for a treat.

You couldn’t get closer to NOLA unless you were standing in the French Quarter.

And when I walked out of that filled-up Local 506, I must admit, I was much sweatier than I intended. But damn, I had a good time. And from now on, I’ll use how sweaty I get to measure just how much fun I had. No more half-assing it. You should do the same.


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