The Nom Guide Vol. 1: Tacos for Life


Welcome to the Nom Guide. This section of my blog will be wholly dedicated to food. Because, let’s admit, it is the best. Here you’ll find anything from a new local spot or just a love letter to a favorite meal. Today, we talk tacos. 

If there’s one thing you’ll learn about me in this blog, it’s that I adore food of all kind. I’m an equal opportunity eater and I’m always down to try something new. And while some may condemn the unhealthy theme of this particular post, the Nom Guide portion of this blog will never discriminate against a food because of calories. Eating is an adventure–do some pilates tomorrow if you feel bad about your late night diet.

Today, ladies and gentlemen, we’re here to worship tacos. No, not burritos…tacos. Seriously, they’re different.


What a simple creation, the taco:

  • Tortilla: flour, corn, Dorito, whatever.
  • Filling:  Ground beef, chicken, shrimp, mahi, veggies, calamari….who cares!? It’s a taco. Build your own destiny.
  • Cheese: Lots of it.

There are no limitations. That’s the beauty of it.

“But Brooke, where do I find the best tacos in the RDU area?”

There are two places that come to mind.


I just had my first dose of Nanataco (Durham, NC) yesterday. Good God, those are some serious tacos. Here’s how they do it: choose 3 tacos. Choose three meats. The choices are ridiculous. I went with oyster, calamari, and a deliciously sweet and spicy chorizo. It would be doing these tacos no justice to say I was a satisfied customer. Bring your friends–because tacos bring everyone together–and nom out over some tacos and one, two, or three delicious margaritas. You won’t be disappointed. Extra benefit: You get to sit and make fun of the lame Dookies all around you. 

Finally, there’s one place that you can’t not talk about when discussing tacos. They brought tacos to the American mainstream. It’s the most polarizing fast food eatery I can think of…..besides that one place that funds anti-gay initiatives

You can always count on every taco-lover’s guilty pleasure….


Yeah, I said it. And I ain’t taking it back. Taco Bell will always be the place where you can be in any state of mind and be happy. And what a happy place to eat at. Seriously, what other eatery plays Sandstorm by Danube in the middle of the day? It’s cheap, it’s fast, and you always know what to expect. Taco Bell knows exactly who they are, and they’re not ashamed. *Extra benefit: They’re the only place where you can get Baja Blast. You just can’t ignore these things. 

I hope I’ve sufficiently gotten you to buy your ticket for the taco train. I look forward to gushing more about good eats. This was fun.

P.S: I’m sure there are many other places to enjoy delicious tacos. If so, tell me all about it below!


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