My Top 5 Favorite Jimmy Fallon Moments So Far

Ok, I love Jimmy Fallon. And I adore that he is the new host of The Tonight Show. He brought it back to New York, held on to The Roots, and puts on a damn good show every night. Here’s a breakdown of my 5 favorite moments so far in case you are wary of watching it. I hope to convert you soon enough.

1. Brian William Raps


2. Lip Sync Battles 


3. Questions and Danswers


4. Ew!


5. His fabulous guest star, “Harry Styles”


The Tar Heels do “Happy” Right

If you are a Tar Heel and haven’t seen this yet….then what the hell is wrong with you? We’ve all heard Pharrell’s infectious (and at times annoying) “Happy.” It  is everywhere and everyone has been working on their own rendition. Well, this one’s my favorite. Released by Carolina Athletics, the video features Marcus Paige and the rest of our Carolina athletes and faculty getting down to this happy jam. Seriously, there’s nothing cuter. Daggum’ Roy even makes an appearance. Enjoy this one, y’all. 

Funny+Girl Reads: Kelly Oxford

Alright, y’all. This blog is about funny ladies and I have one for you. If you’ve never heard of Kelly Oxford before, you’re in for a treat. She hails from Canada and gained serious Twitter and blog fame. She wins at humor because she’s not afraid to be honest, scathing, or completely transparent about her hectic life as a mother of three. When I read “Everything is Perfect When You’re a Liar,” a collection of her essays about her life experiences, I was sold. She’s a screenwriter now. Something I aspire to be. I would have to say she’s quite an idol of mine. Read her stuff. I promise you won’t be disappointed. Image

Oh the English Majors You Will Meet

26 Types of English Majors


I’m a double major–Advertising and English. I held onto my English major because it is something I’ve always loved. It keeps my love for reading fresh. But what really kept me in the program? The people. They are the most interesting breed of student I have ever had the chance of encountering–me included. As a friend of mine once so aptly put it–“English majors are like unicorns. Every one unique in their own weird way.” Some will piss you off with their absurdity and others will inspire you with their close reading skillz. I came across this Buzzfeed article and can’t help but repost it. It does wonders in building the typology of our kind. We truly are a unique race. Click on the link above and enjoy!

A Classic Corny Pop Music Soundtrack to Your Graduation

You know those songs that you either loved or hated during graduation season in high school. The one’s you always hear and can’t get out of your damn head? Well I took the honor of compiling a short list of my favorites, just in case you needed a reminder. Graduation is here, folks. We’re going into the real world now. And that means you get to listen to some of the most overplayed tunes in the entire history of pop music. Get used to it! 

1. Oh, yes. You HAVE to start the list with this one. Thanks so much Vitamin C for giving us the most cliche song about graduation of all time. We’ll always remember you for this. 

2. Good ‘ol Green Day took a step away from their three-cord head-boppers to deliver us this nostalgia-ridden anthem. You’re gonna hear this one just a few more times before you throw that cap and gown in the closet for good. 

3. So here’s how this one got on the list. It was 8th grade graduation. I remember it like it was yesterday. Whoever had the bright idea to soundtrack the memorial of our most awkward years with this tune was a genius of comedy. Seriously, there were nothing but laughs to be had at this one. I think even the parents couldn’t help rolling their eyes. 

4. Fist pumpers everywhere rejoice! Your anthem made the list. Whether you have seen The Breakfast Club a million times or just have a hankering for 80’s anthems, you can’t deny this song’s graduation theme status. It’s a classic. 

5. Last but certainly not least, we’ve got the big one. “Forever Young,” whether in it’s original Alphaville 80’s form or Jay Z’s eternally played rendition, is the official graduation song for life. I think I might count how many times I hear this one throughout the week. 

Whatever you end up swaying to with your pals this graduation season, just remember that you can count on them sticking around forever–IN YOUR EFFING HEAD. Congrats grads!